There are already some active website translation teams, coordinating via the mailing list for translators.

So, you want the Tails website to be available in a new language. Please keep in mind that it represents quite a lot of work.

Therefore, here are a few things that would be required in order to start translating the Tails website to a new language:

  1. A team of translators, not just one person, is necessary. This allows for peer reviews between team members. It also makes it easier to handle both scheduled and unexpected deadlines.

  2. At least part of the team should subscribe to the mailing list for translators.

  3. For translations to be useful, they need to be maintained in the long run. This takes a few hours a month.

Once those conditions are fulfilled, the new team can start working on a first batch of translations:

This may take some time. Don't get discouraged! Along the way, do not hesitate to report about your progress, and to ask for help, on the mailing list for translators :)

As soon as the translations of core pages reach 25%, you can ask on the mailing list for your language to be enabled on the website. Feel free to ping us in the developers chat room if we take too long (like weeks) to respond. If the translations go below 25% later, it will be disabled from the website. When the core pages are completely translated, you can start translating other parts of the website. It is also good to translate the news and release announcements.