Email templates



Thanks for answering our invitation!

A lot of people answer our call and I am sorry to inform you that you
have not been selected this time.


We didn't select you for the usability tests this time because we are
looking for people who had never used Tails in the past.

But we're keeping your email in our database and might contact you
again in the future for more similar opportunities.

Have a nice day,



Thanks a lot for answering our call for participants to our usability tests!

We are very interested in your profile.

Are you still available on $DAY $DOM from $START to $END ($HOUR UTC)?

If so, I'd like to propose you to have a 10 minutes call in the coming days in
order to do a sound check and make sure that everything will work fine on the
day of the tests.

We will be doing a video call so you will need a laptop and a good Wi-Fi
connection but you won't have to install anything new on your computer.

I could meet to test the video setup $TIME.

Could you propose me a couple of times to choose from?

Thanks and see you soon,