We use GitLab for tracking issues, merge requests, and code. Please ensure you are familiar with how we use GitLab at Tails.

All proposed changes should be prepared in topic branches. A branch about issue number NNNN should be named NNNN-XXX.

To submit your branch for review:

  1. Test your branch. If your branch contains code changes, test it with its target branch (config/base_branch) merged into it.

  2. Push your branch

    If you have commit access to the official Tails Git repository, push your branch there so our CI picks it up.

    Else, push to your own fork of the Tails Git repository.

  3. Once you would like your branch to be reviewed, and possibly merged, submit it:

    1. If your branch contains code changes and you have access to our Jenkins instance:

      • Ensure your branch builds on Jenkins.

      • Either take note of the test suite scenarios you've seen pass successfully locally, or check that the test suite passes on Jenkins.

    2. On the corresponding GitLab issue:

      • Set the Milestone field to the release you would like your changes to land in.

      • If there's a To Do or Doing label, replace it with the Needs Validation label.

    3. Create a Merge Request (aka. MR). There are many ways to do so. For example, you can click the Create merge request button on the corresponding issue.

      In this new MR:

      • Use the description to:

        • Summarize what problem this MR will fix, in terms of impact on users.

        • Reference the issues this MR will solve: Closes #xxx, #yyyy.

      • Set the target branch your branch should be merged into. See the documentation for our main branches.

      • If it's obvious to you who can, and should, review your branch, and you're allowed to request reviews on MRs: request a review by making that person the Reviewer on the MR.
        Else, leave the MR with no Reviewer: the Foundations Team will either handle the review themselves or help you find a suitable reviewer.

      • If you have run some test suite scenarios locally: report about your results in a new comment.

Then, for every subsequent submit/review/fix cycle: once you've fixed all problems raised by the reviewer, update the issue and MR metadata again as documented above (milestone, reviewer, and labels).