The Surveilled at Home

I need to get out of here but I'm so scared. Will I make it safe? What will come next?
  • Is living in a very conservative family in the US
  • Tried to come out as trans to their family but they don't accept them
  • Uses Tails to contact LGBT+ groups and prepare another escape, this time to a safe house and for good

Primary goals

  • Hide information from their family
  • Avoid raising suspicion
  • Access sensitive information
  • Use an untrusted computer

Technology use

  • Can only install authorized apps on their phone because of parental control
  • Uses the family computer for school assignments
  • Chat with friends and family on social media


  • Computers at home and school are monitored
  • Has limited time on computers
  • Parents can be violent
  • School is keeping a close eye on them
  • Has deuteranomaly


  • Avoid monitoring from family and school
  • Seek advice and solidarity online
  • Contact local LGBT+ organizations
  • Document abuses

Background information