The tasks marked as Starter in our bug tracker have been identified as good starting points for new contributors. They cover all kinds of work: testing, design, writing, coding, etc.

Starter tasks

The description of the task should provide enough useful information to help you complete it. Otherwise, don't hesitate to ask us on for clarification.

You can also have a look at other tasks marked as low priority on our GitLab. We marked them as of low priority according to our roadmap but they might be interesting, useful and fun to work on!


  • Once you choose a task that fits your skills, send an email to saying that you are starting to work on this task.

  • Keep us updated with your progress from time to time.

  • Even if you are deeply skilled, please consider doing one little starter task, to get used to the process. After that, you are invited to move on up to more difficult tasks, leaving some of the starter tasks to others so they can get involved and achieve change themselves.

More Information

This page was inspired by the Easy Hacks project of LibreOffice.