This page is meant for existing Tails contributors, who need to adjust their existing setup and habits to GitLab.

Activate your GitLab user account

If you have ever done anything on our Redmine, you now have a GitLab user account. To activate it:

  1. Visit the Reset Password page in a web browser.

  2. Enter the email address you were registered with on Redmine.

  3. Click Reset Password.

  4. Follow the instructions in the email you receive.

  5. Confirm your email address:

    1. Visit in a web browser.

    2. Enter your email address.

    3. Click Resend.

    4. Follow the link you got by email.

Update your Git configuration

For every repository that's listed in the tails GitLab group, except tails/jenkins-jobs and tails/puppet-*: if you have a local clone of that repository, you need to points its Git remote to GitLab.

Here's how to do that:

  1. Find the remote URL with the Clone button on the corresponding GitLab project.

  2. Run a command in the directory of your local clone.

    The exact command depends on the remote URL, on the name you gave to that remote, and on whether you want to use HTTPS or SSH.

    For example, you would run:

    git remote set-url origin \


    git remote set-url origin \
  3. Remove any obsolete insteadOf configuration you may have in ~/.gitconfig, ~/.config/git/config, and in this repository's .git/config. These could lead to problems that are hard to debug.

  4. Update submodules.

    For example, for tails.git you would run:

    rm -rf submodules .git/modules/submodules
    git submodule sync
    git submodule update --init

Note: some repositories have not been migrated to GitLab yet (#17605). That's why you need to do this operation on a per-clone basis, and not globally.

Use GitLab

See the corresponding documentation:

Known issues

There is currently no known issue.