Sysadmin organize shifts to make sure there's always someone paying attention and able to solve problems in the infrastructure. This page documents what's expected from Sysadmins during and outside of sysadmin shifts.

During sysadmin shifts

  • update access control lists to resources we manage, as requested by the corresponding teams

  • keep systems up-to-date, reboot them as needed

  • keep Jenkins plugins up-to-date: upgrade policy

  • act as the de facto interface between Tails and the people hosting our services (Autistici, for non-trivial requests

  • when a sysadmin shift includes the beginning of a yearly quarter, ensure that sysadmin shifts are filled and agreed on for the next two quarters

  • quarterly: self-evaluate our work and report to the -summit@ mailing list

  • when the deadline for taking over a given maintenance task (see below) has passed, the sysadmin on duty must make it clear s·he's handling the problem before starting to work on it, in order to avoid work duplication.

  • update GitLab projects configuration (labels, milestones, ACL, etc)

  • process GitLab abuse reports.

Outside of sysadmin shifts

  • Read email at least twice a week to check if the sysadmin currently on duty needs help.

  • Once 48 hours have passed after a problem was identified, the sysadmins not currently on duty can/should take over maintenance tasks if the on duty sysadmin is MIA; for critical problems this delay shall be reduced.