• Do UX design (graphical interface, interactions, etc.) on the maintenance or important improvements to:

    • The core Tails system and grant deliverables
    • The core pages of our website
  • Answer or raise usability concerns related to the work of the Foundations Team. They deal with the code, the UX designers deal with the user experience.

  • Do background research work to understand better our user base, who they are, what they do with Tails, what they need, and how to expand it. This will help us prioritize better our roadmap, putting our users in the center, and prepare better grant proposals. For example, starting with gathering feedback from users both:

    • Qualitatively: in person and online interviews and studies.
    • Quantitatively: gathering metrics and building up infrastructure to be able to gather more through website logs, help desk, online surveys, etc.
  • Handle newly GitLab issues that are about feature requests and the scope of Tails. Reassign to whoever is on Help Desk duty any new issue that's really a support request.

These tasks are tracked using the Core work: User experience label on GitLab.