Tails 0.16~rc1 was released on December 14th.

The Tails 0.16 release is scheduled for the first half of January.


We received 66 reports through Whisperback.

The forum activity has been steadily high: 1128 messages, 177 signed by Tails.

Some of us went to 29c3.


Many dictionaries for supported languages were installed.

A bug concerning memlockd was fixed.

The regular GnuPG agent was added.

The automatic update feature of Iceweasel extensions was disabled.

The move to using live-boot version 3 was worked on.

The Minitube Youtube client was installed.

The Iceweasel Add-on bar was hidden.

The work on a better power-off button was completed and merged.

A bug concerning the --media option of live-persist was fixed.

The ~/Persistent directory was added to the Places menu of GNOME and GtkFileChooser.

The xul-ext-monkeysphere extension was removed.

The News section of the website was configured as the homepage of Iceweasel.

The Entropy Key daemon ekeyd was installed.

A new version of the MAT was announced.

Documentation and website

Guidelines for writing documentation for Tails were written.

The documentation of our release process was improved.