Tails 0.17.1 was released on March 23rd.


  • 115 798 connections of Tails to the Tor network. This makes a boot every 23 seconds on average (this number is an approximation from the requests made to the security announcements feed. The later is retrieved by Tails after being connected to Tor to eventually encourage users to update.)

  • 75 reports were received through WhisperBack.

  • 756 comments were posted on the forum, with 185 signed by Tails.


  • Some progress has been done on a feature to remember installed packages.

  • A about Tails launcher was drafted, following-up on some feedback from Runa's "Training Journalists in Istanbul report.

  • The Indymedia IRC account was removed.

  • Bugs and todo pages are not shipped any more in ISO images.

  • Some work was started to make the system disk read-only (which was supposedly fixed months ago, but apparently it either was not, or there was a regression).

  • Awesome progress was made to automate our test suite with Cucumber.

  • We worked around an unfortunate regression caused by the integration of Debian backports into the main archive.

  • NoScript's HTML5 media click-to-play was disabled.

  • udisks users (GNOME Disk Utility, tails-persistence-setup, etc.) won't reset the system partition's attributes when manipulating the partition table anymore.

  • More reliable OpenPGP keyservers were configured.

Documentation and Website

  • A Tor check link was added to the web browser homepage. This link hides the "Download Tails 0.17.1" one, so it should both help people who want to do this check every time they boot Tails, and clear up some confusion reported by Runa about "oh, is this a new version available, should I update?"

  • The reintroduction of hybrid ISO images to simplify Mac USB boot was worked on.

  • The AutoType feature of KeePassX has been documented to allow pasting complex passwords into Pinentry.


  • Tails USB installer: update translations for French, German, Spanish, Finnish, Greek, Italian, Latvian, Dutch, Polish and Chinese.

  • Tails Greeter: update translations for Farsi, Chinese, French; new translations: Finnish, Norwegian Bokmål, Galician.

  • tails-persistence-setup: update Farsi and Chinese translations; import new translations for Finnish and Swedish.

  • WhisperBack: update translations for Arabic, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Korean, Polish, Russian. New translations: Finnish, Chinese.

On-going discussions

  • Some discussions triggered by Runa's "Training Journalists in Istanbul" report went on.

  • Some discussion was triggered by a proposed branch that fixes how some buggy hard drives don't well the Tails APM settings.

  • We have discussed if and how to better deal, at Tails upgrade time, with the situation when the user has added random files on the Tails system partition (which is not supported).

  • Some discussions about potentially supported hardware happened.

  • A discussion about the process to contribute to the documentation clarified why the current process works the way it does, and resulted in a good compromise to be found.

  • We started discussing with GDM developers if and how they intend to support the custom greeter usecase that we depend on.

  • We decided not to include a text web browser in Tails.


  • Some work was put into foundations we need to set up Jenkins for our needs, mainly on the Puppet modules side (e.g. code for safely installing Jenkins plugins from the web, an improved Puppet module to manage Jenkins).

  • A VM to automatically build Tails was created, and the Puppet code that describes its initial setup was written.

  • We have setup a Debian package builder based on debomatic. It still has some rough edges, but seems to basically do its job.

  • The nice folks at immerda have setup most of what's needed to host all our Git repositories in the same place, in a way that makes it convenient for us to create new repositories, manage access to it, and reintroduce IRC commit notifications. Thanks!


  • Tails now accepts Bitcoin donations.

  • We will soon close the budget for our bounties program. Teaser: a handful of great programs, that are useful to Tails, will see some bonus activity in the next few months!

  • We have filed a grant application that answers Sponsor Echo's call for proposals.