Tails 0.18 was released on May 18.


  • 128 676 connections of Tails to the Tor network. This makes a boot every 21 seconds on average (this is an approximation from the requests made to the security announcements feed when Tails is connected to Tor).

  • 51 non-empty bug reports were received through WhisperBack.

  • 630 comments were posted on the forum, with 143 signed by Tails.


  • We had a "low-hanging fruits" session on May 22, that was attended by three persons.

  • Some important bugs were fixed in tails-greeter, thanks to winterfairy!

  • A branch to install Linux 3.8 was developed and merged. It triggered a bug in the Persistent Volume Assistant, that was fixed.

  • The automatic re-installation of additional software packages feature was improved.

  • live-boot 3.x final is now installed, and the old compatibility symlinks were removed. Same for live-config 3.x final.

  • A bug that made it a pain to use our OpenPGP applet was partially fixed.

  • More work was done to remove GNOME proxy settings.

  • A branch to update virt-what was proposed.

  • A branch to use bilibop was proposed.

  • Some preliminary work was done to get our nice custom boot splash screen back.

  • A smtube backport was prepared.

  • Some post-Wheezy work was done.

  • More precise plans were drawn about the future of tails-greeter.

  • Various TBB settings were imported.

Documentation and Website

  • The end-user documentation about feature/set-wireless-devices-state was reviewed and improved.

  • The Tails specification and design document received various minor updates and improvements, as did the release process documentation.

  • Tons of old forum posts were cleaned up, as part of our effort to import valuable existing knowledge from there into the upcoming Q&A website.

On-going discussions

  • We've discussed inclusion of Martus in Tails.

  • Deanonymization potential by the desktop user.

  • Adding support for keeping entry guards.

  • Removing Iceweasel popups that confuse (some) users.


Various bits were updated to reflect the fact that Debian Wheezy was released.


  • We went on working on a grant application for more long-term funding with sponsor Foxtrot.

  • Draft contracts were sent to the bounties candidates. Some have started working on their bounty!