Tails 0.20 was released on the 9th of August. Tails 0.20.1 release is scheduled for September 19.


  • 190 521 connections of Tails to the Tor network. This makes a boot every 14 seconds on average. This is an approximation from the requests made to the security announcements feed when Tails is connected to Tor.

  • 93 non-empty bug reports were received through WhisperBack.

  • 57 222 downloads of the OpenPGP signature of Tails ISO from our website.


  • A new contributor (a.kuckartz) has started to debug what appears to be incompatibilities between our Vagrant setup and the current state of Debian unstable (#6221).

  • Some initial steps were taken to get VirtualBox guest modules back (#5972).

  • A branch to properly umount the persistent volume on shutdown was prepared. Thanks to Steven J. Murdoch for the useful bug report.

  • The additional software upgrade notification failure message now points the user to the system log so that they have a chance to debug it (#6211).

  • The I2P IRC network preset in Pidgin was corrected.

  • Some initial work to have a consistent persistence path was done (#5854).

  • Some sanity checks in our test suite were fixed. Another set of test suite improvements has seen progress.

  • Starting with Tails 0.20.1, bug reports sent with WhisperBack will be sent to a dedicated (encrypted) mailing list.

  • GnuPG now uses --no-emit-version.

  • Switch to Linux 3.10-2 from Debian unstable.

Documentation and Website

  • A new contributor (Vigdis) posted drafts to document why Tor is slow and update the persistence path in the documentation. Congrats! (#5641)

  • A new contributor (carmie) proposed logo ideas (#5797). Thanks!

  • The installation documentation was improved to mention USB sticks and SD card adapters with read-only switches. Some style improvements were done too.

  • The website now advertises the use of Tails as a censorship circumvention tool, too.

  • A workaround to verify ISO integrity on other operating systems was documented.

  • The manual USB installation documentation now recommends using dd instead of cat (so that those who need it can easily prefix it with sudo).

  • A revised cold boot attack documentation was drafted and proposed for review.

  • The shiny new tails-support mailing list was documented.

  • The news page now has a form to subscribe to amnesia-news and mentions Twitter.

On-going discussions

  • We further discussed carmie's proposals to improve the visibility of links on top of the contribute page.

  • Jacob Appelbaum started a discussion about Tahoe-LAFS, Tor and Tails. It should now be clear what kind of work is needed to make some integration possible.

  • It was suggested to tweak the GnuPG configuration in various ways.

  • We discussed how to handle divergence of bundled packages due to point-releases.


  • To make our infrastructure more reliable, we are still organizing to get a system that will act as a fail-over for our main server.

  • We better shared access to the round-robin DNS that gathers our HTTP mirrors. (Many thanks to those who host the mirrors, by the way!)

  • We created a bunch of sysadmin tickets as a step towards being able to ask for help in this area first, and towards being able to actually share the work with the volunteers that will show up once we have sent our call for help. Stay tuned!


  • The short-term funding project we have with sponsor Bravo is still slowly going through the paperwork stage.

  • The bounties program is moving forward (slower than we may have hoped, but still).

  • We keep working on a funding proposal to be sent to sponsor Foxtrot.