Documentation and website

  • We improved our installation instructions for Ubuntu to configure the PPA through Software & Updates instead of the command line.

  • We published instructions on how to repair a Tails 3.0.1 broken by the automatic upgrade.

  • We documented that Tails fails to start on computers with Nvidia Maxwell graphics.

  • We updated the terminology on our website to stop mentioning SD cards and always talk about Tails USB stick instead of Tails device. #9965

  • We made it clearer in the system requirements that Tails doesn't work on handheld devices.

  • We improved the link and QR code to get back to the same step when switching device during installation. #12319

  • We updated our command line instructions to use apt instead of apt-get.

  • We renamed Mac OS X as macOS, its new name.

  • We improved the inlining mechanism that links to release notes during upgrades. #13341


  • We received a donation from ExpressVPN.

  • Our OTF proposal was accepted and we will help us do great work between 2017Q4 and 2018Q3:

    • TrueCrypt support in GNOME: graphical utilities to mount TrueCrypt volumes (#11684, #6337)
    • Graphical interface for the Additional Packages persistent feature: allow users to customize which applications are available in their Tails (#5996 #9059)
  • We started using CCT, the Center for the Cultivation of Technology as our European fiscal sponsor for real and are very happy about it. On the long run they will help us spend less time doing administrative work and more time improving Tails!

  • Next INpact started a donation campaign to support Tails, Tor and VeraCrypt using 33% of total donations.


Past events


All the website

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  • Tails has been started more than 690564 times this month. This makes 22276 boots a day on average.
  • 15501 downloads of the OpenPGP signature of Tails ISO from our website.
  • 160 bug reports were received through WhisperBack.