• We fixed issues regarding reproducible builds (#14924, #14946, #14933) and later realized that one of them fixes did not work in some corner cases… that include the ISO images we build for the Tails official releases. Sadly, due to an internal communication mishap we've announced that Tails 3.3 was reproducible before we had learned about this remaining problem.

  • We uploaded a new version of tails-installer (5.0.2) to Debian and Ubuntu. This version has a simpler interface than previous versions.

Documentation and website

  • We have documented internally how active Tails contributors can be sponsored to attend events on behalf of Tails and are now working towards publishing this documentation so that all contributors are aware of this option (#14727).

User experience

  • We almost finished the work on the new download page and verification extension for Firefox and Chrome. We're stuck blocked by security reviews and improvements on the JavaScript code.

  • Our survey on file storage encryption was answered 1012 times between October 17 and December 1. It was a huge success and we'll now move on to analyzing the results.

Hot topics on our help desk

  1. #14968: Ublock is not working in Tails 3.3

  2. #12328: Tails Firefox Add-on is not working in last Firefox



  • We submitted a funding request for the Secure Operating Systems Summit that we are organizing with Qubes OS, Subgraph OS and Whonix.

  • We applied to the "Good of the Internet" call for proposals by RIPE NCC. Our proposal is titled "Interoperability and communication continuity between mobile, laptop and desktop computers, in privacy and security-sensitive environments".

  • We continued to run our donation campaign.


Past events

  • Some of us attended the Reproducible Builds World summit in Berlin, Germany (report).

  • intrigeri attended the OTF summit in Valencia, then followed-up with people he has met there.

  • ignifugo gave a talk about Tails at a greek hackerspace.

Upcoming events

On-going discussions

  • We started a discussion about basing Tails on quarterly snapshots of Debian Testing

  • segfault started discussion the implementation of VeraCrypt/TrueCrypt support in GNOME Disks with upstream

Press and testimonials


All the website

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  • Tails has been started more than 655.776 times this month. This makes 21.859 boots a day on average.
  • 12.371 downloads of the OpenPGP signature of Tails ISO from our website.
  • 99 bug reports were received through WhisperBack.