Documentation and website

  • We wrote a FAQ about why we don't provide a checksum to verify Tails downloads.

  • We merged the former /install/os into /install to streamline a bit more our installation instructions.

  • We changed the style of the purple headers that we had on our homepage to look less like buttons. We're now consistently using green for clickable elements and purple for non-clickable elements.

  • We improved the display of command line examples in our installation instructions for macOS.

  • We published some first items of a documentation style guide.

User experience

  • We did some moderated user testing of the Additional Software beta.

  • We wrote a scope of work together with Simply Secure to work on explaining what it Tails and got it approved by the OTF usability lab. (#9814) It covers:

    • Defining brand attributes for Tails
    • Writing a new tagline
    • Structuring an explanation of the main properties of Tails
    • Ideating on visuals to support the explanation of Tails
    • Reviewing our current introductory pages and proposing more approachable copy samples and tone guidelines
  • We started reviewing collectively the persona skeletons that were defined last August. We started with Kim, the surveilled at home.

  • We documented some resources that we use for user testing.

Hot topics on our help desk

Help desk has seen the same issues than last month:

  1. Users are still affected by a loss of persistence.conf

  2. We received also several reports about keyboard and mouse not working after upgrading

  3. A few users reported the disappearance of a part of their keyring

  4. And some users had trouble with obfs4 bridges


  • We continued working on the integration of the translation platform with our infrastructure #10034.

  • With the help of our mirror operators we've started to remove from the mirrors synchronization chain #15162.

  • We started working on hosting our website ourselves (#14588): we've identified potential issues, evaluated corresponding solutions, designed a migration plan and started working on it.

  • We made progress on having our automated test suite run on current Debian testing/sid but hit a new, major and concerning blocking issue regarding the state of SikuliX in Debian (#15460, Debian bug #897215, Debian bug #897333). We could definitely use help from Debian package maintainers; bonus points if you know anything about packaging Java code!


  • The proposal that we sent to NLnet on distributing USB images was rejected.


Past events


All the website

  • de: 54% (3097) strings translated, 6% strings fuzzy, 47% words translated
  • es: 59% (3370) strings translated, 1% strings fuzzy, 49% words translated
  • fa: 36% (2096) strings translated, 9% strings fuzzy, 38% words translated
  • fr: 90% (5181) strings translated, 1% strings fuzzy, 89% words translated
  • it: 32% (1879) strings translated, 6% strings fuzzy, 28% words translated
  • pt: 28% (1625) strings translated, 7% strings fuzzy, 24% words translated

Total original words: 60238

Core pages of the website

  • de: 79% (1530) strings translated, 11% strings fuzzy, 78% words translated
  • es: 97% (1872) strings translated, 0% strings fuzzy, 94% words translated
  • fa: 33% (641) strings translated, 11% strings fuzzy, 33% words translated
  • fr: 99% (1910) strings translated, 0% strings fuzzy, 99% words translated
  • it: 67% (1297) strings translated, 15% strings fuzzy, 66% words translated
  • pt: 45% (882) strings translated, 12% strings fuzzy, 49% words translated

Total original words: 17498


  • Tails has been started more than 677 422 times this month. This makes 21852 boots a day on average.
  • 8 650 downloads of the OpenPGP signature of Tails ISO from our website.
  • 77 bug reports were received through WhisperBack.