In August, we celebrated the 10 years birthday of the first public announcement of amnesia, the project which would eventually give birth to Tails after the merger with Incognito 🎂 :)

This led Edward Snowden to write this testimonial: “In 2013, when a small team of journalists and I went head to head against @NSAGov to reveal the secret system of global mass surveillance, we used @Tails_Live to communicate—to reduce the risk of basic but deadly mistakes.
The NSA only learned of our plan when it hit the news.”



  • Preparations for Tails 4.0, based on Debian 10 "Buster"

    • Decreased by 200-300 MiB the amount of memory used by Tails (#12092).
    • Fixed a regression that made the login process slower than in Tails 3.x (#16805).
  • Test suite improvements

    • We fixed a number of issues that lead our test suite to report false positives (#11592, #17004, #15321).
    • Use a more recent Dogtail, run it with Python 3, and take benefit from the new UTF-8 support (#16976).
  • New automated tests

    • Installing Tails from a USB image with GNOME Disks (#16004)
    • VeraCrypt PIM feature (#15946)
  • We made good progress on persisting a seed for the Pseudorandom number generator across boots (#11897). There's now a good chance that this work is included in a Tails release by the end of the year.

  • We completed the first iteration of our effort to move the source code for our custom software to our main Git repository: the Greeter was migrated. This will avoid quite some busywork, make it easier to contribute to the affected code bases, and increase the value of our reproducible builds, by removing some binary blobs from our set of de facto trusted inputs.

Documentation and website

  • We finished updating all of our documentation to Tails based on Debian 10 (Buster). (#16282)

  • We improved the troubleshooting section when Tails doesn't start on Mac. (#15127)

User experience

  • We reworked in depth our plans to improve the user experience of the network connection (configuration and startup).


  • We upgraded to Gitolite v3.

  • We fixed a number of bugs in our web translation platform, thanks to feedback from early adopters. It should soon be officially ready for production usage.

  • We spent lots of time fighting a DDoS against our Redmine. Not our idea of fun :(

  • We scheduled the upgrade of our Jenkins (#10068).


  • We're working on a joint grant proposal with Tor and the Guardian Project.


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  • Tails has been started more than 741 964 times this month. This makes 23 934 boots a day on average.