The following changes were introduced in Tails 4.3:

  • We included the trezor package, which provides a command line tool to use a Trezor hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies.

  • Fix the progress bar and prevent closing the window while an upgrade is being applied. (#16603)


  • We made great progress on Secure boot support (#6560) and are now quite confident we can ship this in Tails 4.5 (April 7).

    Thanks to everyone who answered our call for testing!

  • In order to make the development process a bit smoother, we improved the performance of our builds (#17439, #17386).

  • We kept working on replacing Sikuli in our test suite (#15460), which will allow running it on recent Debian systems. We're almost there! :)

Hot topics on our help desk

  1. Users are still complaining about Seahorse failing to import public keys

  2. Several users reported that Stefano Zacchiroli's public key being expired since 2020-02-07 broke our documentation about using the command line and GnuPG to install Tails

  3. And people are still reporting GDM errors with Intel HD 630 (while their issue is usually with their NVidia Maxwell discreet GPU)


  • We've been working towards making our CI feedback loop shorter (#16960, #17439).

  • We organized the sysadmin work we will need to do as part of migrating to GitLab.


  • We worked on the full proposal for the joint grant proposal with Tor and the Guardian Project to the DRL Internet Freedom program.

  • We started working on a grant proposal to the Prototype Fund.


  • Privacy loving Linux generalist

On-going discussions

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  • Tails has been started more than 808 936 times this month. This makes 27 894 boots a day on average.