In august, we released 4.22~rc1 and 4.22. Having a release candidate helped us gather feedback from users to build a more solid 4.22. Enjoy it!

Tails 4.23 is scheduled for October 5.

Highlights of the month

  • We migrated our XMPP chat rooms to You do not need to have a account to join us on the talk chat, any XMPP account is fine. XMPP chat room is only used for users' mutual help, and is not always monitored by our help desk. Write an email if you want to talk with Tails' help desk.

  • The Foundations Team met for a sprint, which resulted in many bugs being fixed and features being added. You can taste some of them in 4.22, but some of them haven't make it for the current release:

    • Improving the time zone selection user interface (#18514).

    • Redesigning Persistent Storage setting (#17803).

  • Our joint proposal with Tor to DRL has been accepted. This will help us do more user research and implement UX improvements.

  • We added Word Solver as a sponsor.

  • We are improving the speed of our Continous Integration infrastructure. This is not immediately visible to users, but helps making Tails' development more enjoyable and sustainable.


  • Tails has been started more than 675,177 times this month. This makes 22,505 boots a day on average.