Here are a few highlights about what we did in May, among many other things:

  • Our helpdesk email now has auto-reply (#17935).

  • Improved the UX of Tor Connection: people that were "exploring" the interface going back and forth used to find the wrong boxes to be automatically checked #18546

  • We participated in Tor hackweek. It was very fun and very useful!

    • We implemented QR code scanning #18219. This seems to work, but it still isn't ready for inclusion.

    • We added support for Snowflake #5494. Again, this is a PoC: it's nice to see it working, but don't expect it to be released so soon.


Tails 5.1 was released on June 4. It fixed an important security vulnerability, but it also brought many improvements, among which:

  • Improvements for users who leave east of UTC: Tor Connection now automatically fixes the computer clock if you choose to connect to Tor automatically; also, the time displayed in the top navigation uses the time zone selected when fixing the clock in Tor connection.

  • Unsafe browser got a new homepage, which makes it easier to understand how to sign in to the local network using a captive portal.

After that, Tails 5.1.1 was released on June 23 as an emergency release.


Tails has been started more than 772283 times this month. This makes 25742 boots a day on average.