Here are some highlights of what happened in July in Tails-land:

  • The Management and Fundraising Teams worked on the fundraising position job description, which is now live in the website.

  • The new Project Manager's introductory period is over and we're all very happy with the immediate impacts of her work, which already results in better planning, organizing and communicating inside the project (see the job description above as an example). You rock, disoj! :)

  • The UX Team published a new footer in the website (that was in June, actually, but it's worth mentioning!).


Tails 5.2 was released on July 12 with Thunderbird 91.11.0 and Tor Browser 11.5 (based on an Extended Support Release of Firefox).

Tails 5.3 was released on July 26, based on Debian 11.4 with Linux 5.10.127, and containing Tor Browser 11.5.1 with uBlock fixed and enabled once again (broken since 5.2).


Tails has been started more than 766861 times this month. This makes 24737 boots a day on average.