• We are hiring a Fundraising Lead. Please help us pass the word!

  • We made lots of progress on a complete rewrite of the Persistent Storage that implements a new design from 2021.

    For example, the new Persistent Storage won't require restarting each time you activate a new feature and will make it easier to persist more settings in the future.

    You can sneak peek at our experimental USB image! Don't use it for security just yet.

  • We did an initial deployment of Mirrorbits to handle our downloads, instead of our current custom scripts. Mirrorbits will make downloads more reliable by freeing us from some manual maintenance work when a mirror goes down, make downloads a bit faster by optimizing based on IP locations, and allow us to do stats on the number of downloads.

    We also bought the domain name tails.net, so this new infra will live under https://download.tails.net/ in some weeks.

  • We travelled to Brazil to meet local activists, train them on Tails, and do usability test of Tor Connection and 18784.

    The many fixes that we did to the installation instructions since we last tested them in December 2021 gave excellent results. All the test participants could install and start Tails pretty easily!



Tails has been started more than 765785 times this month. This makes 24703 boots a day on average.