• We agreed internally on strategic goals for the new 3 years.

    In terms of product strategy, we will focus on learning about existing users who match our personas and how to serve them better. We will focus less on acquiring new users from our target audience.

    In terms of features, we will prioritize better interoperability with tools like mobile messaging apps, online video calls, and social media.

  • We updated our documentation to the new Persistent Storage and added a page about opening your Persistent Storage from another operating system.

  • We made Tails Upgrader use our new pool of mirrors at https://download.tails.net/ instead of our previous custom solution.


Tails 5.9 was released on January 23.

It fixed most of the regressions introduced in Tails 5.8 in December:

  • Fixed support for some graphics cards.

  • Fixed starting AppImages that use the Qt toolkit like Feather and Bitcoin-Qt. (#19326)

  • Fixed clipboard encryption and decryption in Kleopatra. (#19329)

  • Fixed at least 2 cases of Persistent Storage not activating:

    • When activation takes longer (#19347)

    • When the Dotfiles feature includes symbolic links (#19346)

  • Fixed 3 clipboard operations with KeePassXC.


Tails has been started more than 713 228 times this month. This makes 23 007 boots a day on average.