• Radically Open Security audited the security of the new Persistent Storage, our migration to Wayland, and the Unsafe Browser.

    We already started releasing fixes to the issues that they identified. We will publish more about this audit and our mitigation plans in the coming months.

  • We analyzed the usability tests of the Persistent Storage done in March in Ecuador.

  • We applied to the Spyware Accountability Initiative to improve Tails for the journalists who use Tails to investigate and report on spyware or protect themselves from spyware in sensitive data.

  • Our entire team gathered in Paris, France to discuss internal matters, financial and product strategy.


Tails 5.12 was released on April 19.

It fixes many usability and reliability issues in the new Persistent Storage:

  • After you turn off a feature of the Persistent Storage, you can now click the Delete Data button to delete the data stored for this feature.

  • When creating the Persistent Storage, a random and very secure passphrase is now displayed as a suggestion, using the diceware technique.

  • Use a new icon for the backup utility for the Persistent Storage.

  • Improve the error message when a feature of the Persistent Storage fails to activate from the Welcome Screen to clarify which feature is affected.

  • Make the activation of the Persistent Storage more reliable in 2 error cases. (#19376 and #19331)

  • Add a progress indicator while turning on a new feature to clarify that it can take some time. (#19291)

  • Make sure that all data that is already available in Tails is really copied to the USB stick when turning on a feature. (#19368)


Tails has been started more than 724 299 times this month. This makes 24 143 boots a day on average.