• We started serving the Tails website under the tails.net domain. Until now, we have been redirecting totails.boum.org. The full migration will still take some time.

  • We have 2 new sponsors for this year! ThinkPenguin renewed their support, and another individual came on-board, but prefers to remain anoynomous. 

  • Between 2021 and 2023 we partnered with Tor, and the Guardian Project to organise training and usability tests in Ecuador, Mexico, and Brazil. Drawing this work to a close, we organised an online workshop for digital security trainers at the request of Sursiendo. We shared experiences about the training, and discussed past and future updates to Tails.


Tails 5.13 was released on May 16

  • Tails now uses LUKS2 by default for all new Persistent Storage and LUKS encrypted volumes. LUKS2 provide stronger cryptography by default. A migration plan from LUKS1 to LUKS2 for the existing Persistent Storage is in Tails 5.14.

  • You can now download files from the command-line interface using curl. curl's versatility can be useful for online investigations as an alternative to wget.


Tails has been started more than 765,853 times this month. That's over 24,705 boots a day on average.