• 2 more sponsors renewed their support for Tails! Look to the Right and Nym Technologies. We are all so grateful for their generosity.

  • Tails now uses LUKS2 with Argon2id by default for all new Persistent Storage and LUKS encrypted volumes. Until Tails 5.12, Tails created LUKS devices version 1 (LUKS1) with PBKDF2 to derive cryptographic keys. But, PBKDF2 no longer offers adequate protection against brute force attacks. We published an extensive security advisory for this migration.

  • We also published the entire Puppet codebase that manages the Tails infrastructure. Have a look under the hood!


Tails 5.14 was released on 16 June 2023:

  • Tails 5.14 automatically converts your Persistent Storage to use LUKS2 encryption with Argon2id. 

  • Persistent Storage is not only more secure, but also more usable now. We've brought back descriptions of some of the Persistent Storage features, and the button on the welcome page that creates Persistent Storage is now a switch instead of a button.

  • Many people use Tails to secure their Bitcoin wallet. All Electrum users on Tails can now donate to Tails through Electrum itself. Tails runs on your donations!


Tails was started more than 750,346 times this month. That's a daily average of over 25,012 boots.