• In case you missed it, we have a new home. In July, we completed the migration of the Tails website to a new namespace: tails.net. Welcome!

  • 2 more sponsors renewed their support for Tails: freiheitsfoo and Exam Success! We are all very grateful for their continued support and generosity. You, too, could sponsor Tails.

  • We have started work on deciding the next big feature for Tails! We are deliberating between adding either VPN functionality or messaging applications. We're sure you have preferences and pointers for us. Let us know.


Tails 5.15.1 was released on July 11 2023.

  • From Tails 5.14 - the previous Tails release - your Persistent Storage automatically uses LUKS2 encryption with Argon2id. On some systems, the upgrade was facing issues with reliability (#19734, #19728). Tails 5.15.1 fixes these reliability issues. If you are still experiencing issues, WhisperBack

  • Tor browser in Tails now supports authenticated onion services in a consistent manner.


Tails was started more than 751,383 times this month. That's a daily average of over 24,238 boots.