• We had asked Radically Open Security to audit Tails. The results of the audit reinforced Tails credentials as a "solid" operating system for preserving anonymity. 

    We were super proactive with addressing the reported vulnerabilities, fixing them all within 3 weeks of being reported. This is a reminder that as good as Tails is, it needs to be updated regularly!

  • We undertook a bunch of home improvement projects for our new address. Highlights:

    • the language switcher on the website is more prominent, and also in the website footer,
    • warning buttons display warnings better - in a new colour, and with wrapped text,
    • our redesigned security page better showcases the history of our security advisories.
  • We have a new sponsor: igaming.com joined our mission! Our donors also received the quarterly newsletter with early insights into upcoming Tails features. You, too, could subscribe while making your next donation. Help make our ongoing fundraiser a success!


November featured 2 new versions of Tails: 5.19.1 and 5.20.

5.19.1 was an emergency release. We updated the Tor client to bring the fix to the TROVE-2023-006 vulnerability to Tails users.

And in 5.20, we:

  • brought the usual, latest updates to Tor Browser and Thunderbird, 

  • fixed a security vulnerability in uBlock Origin to protect Tails users from advanced browser fingerprinting techniques, and

  • continued making Persistent Storage more usable, and made it even easier to report issues when it doesn't work through improvements to WhisperBack.


Tails was started more than 825,741 times this month. That's a daily average of over 27,520 boots.