• Help us test Tails 6.0! A release candidate of the upcoming Tails 6.0 is out. Tails 6.0 promises to have a lot of exciting upgrades and new features. You can help us by testing the release candidate. We welcome your feedback by February 18 to either:

  • It is all hands on deck for Tails 6.0! We have been upgrading Tails to Debian 12 ("bookworm"). We were also busy updating all our documentation to be ready for Tails 6.0. 1378 edited lines of HTML and Markdown code later, the documentation for Tails 6.0 is almost ready.

  • We were in the media! Here's @sajolida riffing with our long-time illustrator and comrade Anhdres about all things Tails. And here's @groente in conversation with Software Engineering Daily about how we interpret our values and mission in light of the various use cases of Tails.


Tails 5.22 was our first release of 2024! In Tails 5.22:

  • we continued improving the Persistent Storage:

    • Tails now tries to repair the Persistent Storage if it is broken when you unlock it.
    • Tails now does not try to unlock or delete a Persistent Storage that's on a read-only USB stick.
  • you can now download and upload files using Tor Browser to/from more folders.

  • we introduced more robust error messages when installing Tails with Tails Cloner. Thanks again to @BenWestgate for the efforts to improve Tails Cloner!


Tails was started more than 806,263 times this month. That's a daily average of over 26,008 boots.