March spotlighted many vulnerabilities in FOSS infrastructure globally, sparking some welcome conversations around the sustainability requirements of FOSS projects.

  • First, there was the RFDS Intel CPU vulnerability. The fixed CPU firmware shipped in Tails 6.1 addresses the vulnerability!

  • Then, March ended with the xz/liblzma almost-apocalypse that the world avoided, including Tails users.

In March, we continued investing in the long-term sustainability of Tails:

  • We improved the reliability of our test suite. With @segfault, we have been working extra hard to make our automated test suite more robust. We are going to keep working on improving the experience of development work at Tails in the coming months.

  • We made good progress in improving redundancies for our most essential services. We added backend capacity, and deployed fallback options for our website. This had been a priority since earlier this year, when our website went down.


📢We put Tails 6.1 out in the world!

Tails 6.1 carries:

  • updated Tor Browser and Thunderbird

  • improvements to Tails Cloner: it can now unmount all filsystems on the target device. Since Tails 6.0 auto-mounts partitions on plugged removable media, this is quite an important fix!

  • fixes to Video

To know more, check out the Tails 6.1 release notes and the changelog.


Tails was started more than 873,028 times this month. That's a daily average of over 28,162 boots - the highest this year. Yet!