• Spoiler alert! We are working on friendlier ways to back up Persistent Storage. We are working on a new flow that adapts Tails Cloner to the different stages of making backups (setting up, reminding, and updating) and integrating it with the Persistent Storage settings.

  • We continued investing in making our infrastructure and services more robust, usable, and secure:

    • We continued making the development at Tails more pleasurable. Our test suite is much kinder to Tails developers now.

    • We fixed all the broken links on our website (hundreds!). We have now implemented a monthly automated check for new broken links.

    • Our new server is now breaking into a sweat! We deployed new internal services and made good progress in creating redundancies of our website and email systems.

  • We have a new sponsor: Start Small Foundation! The generous (our largest ever, too) donation significantly prolongs our financial runway in the short to medium-term. We plan to use this platform to keep improving our infrastructure, and build on this platform to bring exciting, new functionality to Tails!


📢 We put Tails 6.2 out in the world!

Tails 6.2 carries:

  • support for 21 new languages on the Welcome Screen!
  • the final set of improvements for better detection of hardware failures on Tails USB sticks
  • updates to Tor Browser and Tor client

To know more, check out the Tails 6.2 release notes and the changelog.

Also, we're always looking for volunteers to help increase Tails's language diversity. If that sounds like it could be you, do consider contributing to the Tor Project Weblate.


Tails was started more than 821,380 times this month. That's a daily average of over 27,379 boots - the highest this year.