Amnesia 0.4.1 released

Highlighted changes:

  • We now ship "Hybrid" ISO images, which can be either burnt on CD-ROM or dd'd to a USB stick or hard disk.
  • We now ship multilingual ISO images; initially supported (or rather wanna-be-supported) languages are: ar, zh, de, en, fr, it, pt, es.
  • Icedove was replaced with claws mail, in a bit rough way.
  • Virtual keyboard: kvkbd was replaced with onBoard.
  • Tor controller: TorK was replaced with Vidalia.
  • Anonymous, GnuPG-encrypted bug reporting is now made easy, thanks to WhisperBack.
  • Users are now warned at runtime when the amnesia version they are running is affected by security flaws, and which ones they are.

See the online Changelog for details.

Download it, seed it!

If you want PowerPC, or other architectures, to be supported, feel free to write us:, preferably encrypted with our OpenPGP key.