This release fixes many security vulnerabilities. You should upgrade as soon as possible.

Nuove funzionalità

  • We disabled the Unsafe Browser by default and clarified that the Unsafe Browser can be used to deanonymize you.

    Un aggressore malintenzionato potrebbe sfruttare una vulnerabilità di sicurezza di un'altra applicazione in Tails e avviare un invisibile Browser non Sicuro e rivelare il tuo indirizzo IP, anche se non stai usando il Browser non Sicuro.

    For example, an attacker could exploit a security vulnerability in Thunderbird by sending you a phishing email that could start an invisible Unsafe Browser and reveal them your IP address.

    Un attacco del genere è molto improbabile ma potrebbe essere eseguito da una persona malintenzionata potente, come un governo o una società di hacking.

    Per questo ti consigliamo di:

    • Only enable the Unsafe Browser if you need to log in to a captive portal.
    • Aggiorna sempre all'ultima versione di Tails appena possibile per correggere le vulnerabilità note.
  • We added a new feature of the Persistent Storage to save the settings from the Welcome Screen.

    This feature is beta and only the additional setting to enable the Unsafe Browser is made persistent. The other settings (language, keyboard, and other additional settings) will be made persistent in Tails 4.9 (July 28).

    new Welcome Screen feature in the Persistent Storage settings

Modifiche e aggiornamenti

  • Update Tor Browser to 9.5.1.

  • Update Thunderbird to 68.9.0.

  • Update Linux to 5.6.0. This should improve the support for newer hardware (graphics, Wi-Fi, etc.).

Problemi risolti

  • Fix the Find in page feature of Thunderbird. (#17328)

  • Fix shutting down automatically the laptop when resuming from suspend with the Tails USB stick removed. (#16787)

  • Notify always when MAC address spoofing fails and the network interface is disabled. (#17779)

  • Fix the import of OpenPGP public keys in binary format (non armored) from the Files browser.

Per ulteriori dettagli, leggi il nostro changelog.

Problemi noti

  • Only use the following characters in the administration password:

    • a–z
    • A–Z
    • 1–9
    • _@%+=:,./-

    If you use spaces or other accentuated characters, like àéïøů, your will not be able to type your administration password again in your Tails session, unless you type single quotes ' around it.

    For example, if you set the administration password: née entrepôt über señor, you would have to type 'née entrepôt über señor'. (#17792)

  • The keyboard layout is not applied to the Welcome Screen when automatically selected after you changed the language. (#17794)

    For example, setting the language to French seems to change the keyboard layout to French (AZERTY) but this change is not applied to the Welcome Screen. This can prevent you from typing the passphrase of your Persistent Storage.

    To change the keyboard layout of the Welcome Screen, select your keyboard layout manually from the Keyboard Layout drop-down menu. Do so even if they keyboard layout is automatically selected after you changed the language.

  • Tails fails to start with the toram boot option. (#17800)

    To start with the toram boot option, specify both the toram and the fromiso=/dev/true boot options.

Vedi la lista dei problemi noti da tempo.

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  • Automatic upgrades are available from Tails 4.2 or later to 4.8.

  • Se non puoi eseguire un aggiornamento automatico o se Tails non si avvia dopo un aggiornamento automatico, ti preghiamo di provare a eseguire un aggiornamento manuale.

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Tails 4.9 is scheduled for July 28.

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