We stand in solidarity with Black people around the world. No justice, no peace. Please be safe while protesting and also when communicating online.


The following changes were introduced in Tails:

  • Update Tor Browser to 9.0.10.

  • Add support for Universal 2nd Factor USB security keys.

  • Configure persistent volume, Tails documentation, WhisperBack Error Reporting, and Tails Installer are now in the submenu of Favorites applications.

  • Change the input method for Japanese from Anthy to Mozc.


  • Onboarded a new maintainer for our Debian packages. Welcome nodens!

  • Fixed a bug that often broke the Additional Software feature.

Documentation and website

  • Documented how to include screenshots when reporting an error.

  • Documented how to import OpenPGP keys from the Files browser. (#17183)

User experience

Hot topics on our help desk

  1. We saw more problems for Mac computers this month, some users could not use their keyboard and touchpad, and others could not start Tails. If you plan to use a laptop for Tails, try to test it before buying it.

  2. Many Electrum users had to restore their wallet as explained in our documentation.

  3. Some ATI Radeon cards have problems to start Tails 4.7.


  • Completed our migration to GitLab.

  • Onboarded kibi and emmapeel in the team maintaining our pool of mirrors.


  • Received an invitation to submit a full proposal to the OTF Core Infrastructure Fund to improve the user experience of connecting to Tor and using Tails to circumvent censorship.

  • Improved how corporate donation matching programs and Benevity are explained on our Donate page. (#17698)


We are discussing a proposal to make Tails' presence in the Fediverse official.

On-going discussions

We are sharing feedback and tips about using GitLab.


All the website

  • de: 30% (1988) strings translated, 13% strings fuzzy
  • es: 47% (3072) strings translated, 8% strings fuzzy
  • fa: 22% (1474) strings translated, 13% strings fuzzy
  • fr: 84% (5415) strings translated, 8% strings fuzzy
  • it: 28% (1808) strings translated, 10% strings fuzzy
  • pt: 22% (1418) strings translated, 9% strings fuzzy

Core pages of the website

  • de: 50% (1041) strings translated, 21% strings fuzzy
  • es: 77% (1585) strings translated, 10% strings fuzzy
  • fa: 20% (415) strings translated, 15% strings fuzzy
  • fr: 83% (1709) strings translated, 10% strings fuzzy
  • it: 50% (1043) strings translated, 20% strings fuzzy
  • pt: 39% (815) strings translated, 14% strings fuzzy


  • Tails has been started more than 981 624 times this month. This makes 31 665 boots a day on average.