You can help Tails! The first release candidate for the upcoming version 0.22.1 is out. Please test it and see if it works for you.

How to test Tails 0.22.1~rc1?

  1. Keep in mind that this is a test image. We have made sure that it is not broken in an obvious way, but it might still contain undiscovered issues.

  2. Either try the automatic upgrade, or download the ISO image and its signature:

    Tails 0.22.1~rc1 ISO image

    Tails 0.22.1~rc1 signature

  3. Verify the ISO image.

  4. Have a look at the list of known issues of this release and the list of longstanding known issues.

  5. Test wildly!

If you find anything that is not working as it should, please report to us! Bonus points if you check that it is not a known issue of this release or a longstanding known issue.

How automatically upgrade from 0.22?

These steps allow you to automatically upgrade a device installed with Tails Installer from Tails 0.22 to Tails 0.22.1~rc1.

  1. Start Tails 0.22 and set an administration password.

  2. Run this command in a Root Terminal to select the "alpha" upgrade channel:

    echo TAILS_CHANNEL=\"alpha\" >> /etc/os-release
  3. Run this command in a Root Terminal to install the latest version of Tails Upgrader:

    echo "deb 0.22.1-rc1 main" \
        > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/tails-0.22-rc1.list && \
        sed -i -e '/tor-0.2.4.x-squeeze/ d' \
       /etc/apt/sources.list.d/torproject.list &&
        apt-get update && \
        apt-get install tails-iuk
  4. Choose Applications ▸ Tails ▸ Tails Upgrader to start Tails Upgrader.

  5. Accept Tails Upgrader's proposal to upgrade to Tails 0.22.1~rc1.

  6. Wait while the upgrade is downloaded and applied.

  7. Restart the system when advised to do so.

  8. Once the system is restarted, choose System ▸ About Tails to confirm that the running system is now Tails 0.22.1~rc1.

What's new since 0.22?

  • Security fixes

    • Update NSS to 3.14.5-1~bpo60+1.
  • Major improvements

    • Check for upgrades availability using Tails Upgrader, and propose to apply an incremental upgrade whenever possible.
    • Install Linux 3.12 (3.12.6-2).
  • Bugfixes

    • Fix the keybindings problem introduced in 0.22.
    • Fix the Unsafe Browser problem introduced in 0.22.
    • Use IE's icon in Windows camouflage mode.
    • Handle some corner cases better in Tails Installer.
  • Minor improvements

    • Update Tor Browser to 24.2.0esr-1+tails1.
    • Update Torbutton to
    • Do not start Tor Browser automatically, but notify when Tor is ready.
    • Import latest Tor Browser prefs.
    • Many user interface improvements in Tails Upgrader.

See the online Changelog for technical details.

Known issues in 0.22.1~rc1