Tails 4.11, scheduled for September 22, will be the first version of Tails to include Tor Browser 10.0 and to support persistent settings on the Welcome Screen!

You can help Tails by testing the release candidate for Tails 4.11 now.

Persistent settings on the Welcome Screen

If you enable this persistence feature your Welcome Screen settings, like language selection and any administration password, will be automatically saved between sessions. While at the Welcome Screen the settings are restored as soon as you unlock your persistent encrypted volume. Please let us know if there are any problems!

Tor Browser 10.0 (alpha 6)

This new major release of Tor Browser is based on a brand new Firefox ESR series, version 78, which contains tons of changes, most under the hood. There's a risk that some of these changes break some expected feature in Tails, so please pay close attention and report any such issues to us!


For more details about what has changed in Tails 4.11~rc1, read our changelog.

Known issues

  • In Tor Browser, opening file:// URLs has a problem: opening any such local file will result in an infinite refresh loop like if you kept the F5 key pressed, so it will likely not display anything. At the moment this makes it impossible to read the offline documentation inside Tails, for instance. This will be fixed in Tails 4.11.

See the list of long-standing issues.

How to test Tails 4.11~rc1?

Keep in mind that this is a test image. We tested that it is not broken in obvious ways, but it might still contain undiscovered issues.

Please, report any new problem to tails-testers@boum.org (public mailing list).

Get Tails 4.11~rc1

To upgrade your Tails USB stick and keep your persistent storage

  • Automatic upgrades are available from 4.2 or later to 4.11~rc1.

    To do an automatic upgrade to Tails 4.11~rc1:

    1. Start Tails 4.2 or later and set an administration password.

    2. Run this command in a Terminal:

      echo TAILS_CHANNEL=\"alpha\" | sudo tee -a /etc/os-release && \

      Enter the administration password when asked for the "password for amnesia".

    3. After the upgrade is applied, restart Tails and choose Applications ▸ Tails ▸ About Tails to verify that you are running Tails 4.11~rc1.

  • If you cannot do an automatic upgrade or if Tails fails to start after an automatic upgrade, please try to do a manual upgrade.

To download 4.11~rc1

Direct download

  • For USB sticks (USB image) (OpenPGP signature)

  • For DVDs and virtual machines (ISO image) (OpenPGP signature)

BitTorrent download

  • For USB sticks (USB image)

  • For DVDs and virtual machines (ISO image)

To install Tails on a new USB stick

Follow our installation instructions:

  • Install from Windows
  • Install from macOS
  • Install from Linux

All the data on this USB stick will be lost.

What's coming up?

Tails 4.11 is scheduled for September 22.

We need your help and there are many ways to contribute to Tails (donating is only one of them). Come talk to us!