Tor Browser in Tails 3.14.1 and earlier is unsafe to use in most cases.

We strongly encourage you to upgrade to Tails 3.14.2 as soon as possible.

A security vulnerability was discovered in the sandboxing mechanism of Firefox and Tor Browser. This vulnerability allows a malicious website to bypass some of the confinement built in Firefox, which means possibly spying on the content of other tabs and steal the passwords of other websites.

After Tor Browser has been compromised, the only reliable solution is to restart Tails.

Because Tor Browser in Tails is confined using AppArmor, only the data accessible to Tor Browser might be compromised but not the other applications or your other files. For example, a compromised Tor Browser might access your files in the Tor Browser and Persistent/Tor Browser folders but not anywhere else.

For example, without restarting Tails:

  • It is unsafe to:

    • Log in to a website and also visit an untrusted website. Your password on the first website might be stolen by the untrusted website.

    • Visit an untrusted website if you have sensitive information stored in your Persistent/Tor Browser folder. The untrusted website might access these files.

  • It is safe to:

    • Visit untrusted websites, without logging in, if you have no sensitive information stored in your Tor Browser and Persistent/Tor Browser folders.

    • Log in to several trusted websites without visiting any untrusted websites.