OnionShare vous permet de créer des services sûrs, anonymes et à usage unique, auxquels d'autres personnes peuvent se connecter.

Pour démarrer OnionShare, choisissez Applications ▸ Internet ▸ OnionShare.

Depuis l'écran de bienvenue d'OnionShare, vous pouvez choisir entre 3 services différents :

  • Partager des fichiers

  • Recevoir des fichiers

  • Publier un site Web

All these services are provided as Tor onion services and are only available through the Tor network. You can share the address of these onion services with other people to create temporary and anonymous communication channels.

People who know their onion addresses can connect to these services from Tor Browser, either in Tails or outside of Tails.

Unlike most Internet services, people using your OnionShare services connect directly to your Tails over the Tor network. Your data is never shared with or stored on any third-party server. Your Tails becomes a temporary and anonymous server.

Ces services deviennent indisponibles dès que vous fermez OnionShare ou que vous éteignez Tails.

Sharing files

With the Share service of OnionShare:

  • You select in OnionShare some files from your Tails that you want to share.

  • People with the onion address can download these files from their Tor Browser.

Since Tails 6.0 (February 2024), the shortcut the share files via OnionShare directly from the Files browser is not available anymore.

Receiving files

With the Receive service of OnionShare:

  • People with the onion address can upload files directly to this folder or send you text messages from their Tor Browser.

  • Received files are stored in a folder with today's date as name (for example 2024-02-06) inside the Downloads folder.

Hosting a website

With the Website service of OnionShare:

  • You specify in OnionShare a folder that contains HTML pages in your Tails.

  • People with the onion address can visit these HTML pages as a website from their Tor Browser.