Users often find that the Tor network is slow. This page describes some reasons that make Tor slow.

Os circuitos aumentam as conexões

O Tor provê anonimato ao construir circuitos com três repetidores. Então, ao invés de conectar diretamente ao servidor de destino, uma conexão é feita entre cada repetidor do circuito e isto leva mais tempo.

Além disso, o Tor tenta construir circuitos com repetidores em países diferentes, o que faz com que a conexão viaje mais e pareça mais lenta.

Qualidade dos repetidores

The Tor relays are run by volunteers in a decentralized way. So all relays are not of the same quality. Some are big and fast, while some others are smaller and slower. As a whole, the network could be faster if it had more capacity. To improve the capacity of the Tor network, you can either run a Tor relay yourself or help existing relays.

Uso incorreto da rede Tor

Some people misuse the Tor network, sometimes on purpose or sometimes by lack of knowledge. For instance, Tor is sometimes used to conduct DDoS attacks. By doing this, the Tor relays are the ones who actually suffer from the attack, instead of the intended target. Some people use peer-to-peer software through Tor which is bad for the network.