To create the Persistent Storage, choose Applications ▸ Tails ▸ Persistent Storage.

When run for the first time, or after deleting a previous Persistent Storage, an assistant allows you to create a Persistent Storage in the free space left on the USB stick.

If you get the error message Sorry, impossible to create a Persistent Storage on this device, you need to follow our instructions on installing Tails on a USB stick.

Если вы видите сообщение об ошибке при запуске Tails из virt-manager, вам придётся запустить Tails из USB-образа (вместо ISO-образа).

  1. Click Continue to start the creation assistant.

  2. Type a passphrase of your choice in the Passphrase text box.

    We recommend choosing a long passphrase made of 5 to 7 random words. Learn about the maths behind memorizable and secure passphrases.

    It is impossible to recover your passphrase if you forget it!

    To help you remember your passphrase, you can write it on a piece of paper, store it in your wallet for a few days, and destroy it once you know it well.

  3. Type again the same passphrase in the Confirm text box.

  4. Click Create Persistent Storage.

    The creation process takes a few seconds.